“Double-consciousness”/ “White Noise”/ “Won’t fits, don’t fits, perfect fits”

photographed by Nadia Khashan; 2018


It is a peculiar sensation, this double-consciousness, this sense of always looking at one’s self through the eyes of others, of measuring one’s soul by the tape of a world that looks on in amused contempt and pity.






hand painted garment 2018

photographed by Nadia Khashan https://nadiakhashan.com

Model: Elif Çelik https://www.elifcelik.de


“White Noise“

embroidered, hand painted and silkscreened  garment;  Lace face mask 2018

photographed by Nadia Khashan https://nadiakhashan.com/

Model: Katharina Göppert https://www.instagram.com/manquartes/

White Noise Collection https://lejla-dendic.com/white-noise-collection/


„White Noise“

The idea for this scarf was sparked by the lift of the driving ban in Saudi Arabia. Not only is/ was this law completely unjustifiable with regard to Islamic law but it has also deprived women of a basic human right of transportation. Nonetheless one has to acknowledge the fact that the women behind the veils never understood this imposed pressure as ordinary, rather they fought for their rights and refused to abide by such outrageous rules. This piece is a representation of the fact that we are not submissive, to the contrary: Every step we take is certain, in spite of pressure, threats, judgments, and even laws.

There is always a reluctant act of defiance, because it’s simply not in our nature to submit to society.


Today some governments are just as eager to make the veil public as others are to forbid it. In all cases, any decision to intervene in how a woman dresses (generally) is just the same assertion of public control over a woman’s body. Iran’s police enforces that all women wear a headscarf in public, while today’s French laws forbid the veil in public schools. It’s truly peculiar how in our patriarchal world even two entities of the opposite ends of the spectrum can be bonded by the treatment of women’s bodies.








„Won’t fits, don’t fits, perfect fits“

embroidered, silkscreened and hand painted tailored garment 2018

photographed by Nadia Khashan https://nadiakhashan.com/

Model: Edna Al-Najar https://www.instagram.com/edna_edlz/

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